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UK’s First Text Alert Service to Fight Equine Influenza

Vets can sign up to be alerted to all recorded equine influenza cases in the UK, thanks to a new service from the Animal Health Trust (AHT) in conjunction with Merial Animal Health.


Tell Tail, the UK’s first equine influenza (EI) text alert service exclusively for equine vets, aims to provide practices and their clients with what could be invaluable information in the face of a potential outbreak, says Merial’s Dr Emma Batson. ”Vets will be notified of an EI outbreak within 48 hours of confirmed diagnosis. Not only will this allow them to alert their clients, but it may also help to encourage horse owners to become more compliant with vaccination schedules.

Of you have already signed up you will have already received two alerts:


On May 11th 2010, vets received their FIRST alert - equine ‘flu has been diagnosed in a group of horses in LINCOLNSHIRE.

On May 21st 2010, vets received their SECOND alert - equine ‘flu has been diagnosed in a group of horses in SHROPSHIRE.


Tell Tail is a free service.  To register your interest, all you need to do is text your name, practice and postcode to 07797 801863 or visit and click on the Tell Tail link.