Sunday, April 15, 2012


BEVA along with all race followers were sorry to hear of the casualties following the Grand National, which despite these will be remembered as one of the most exciting races in its history. Fractures occur in many sports including football, rugby and to both horses and jockeys involved in flat and National Hunt racing.

Contrary to popular belief, many horses which sustain limb fractures do undergo surgical repair and some return to their previous occupations.


However, sadly, at the current state of medical technology some very serious fractures cannot be repaired with a satisfactory result, and horses have a poor tolerance to convalescence and invalidity. Therefore in such situations where a catastrophic injury occurs, the humane option is to perform euthanasia with minimal delay. The major equine events are supported by a very experienced and well prepared veterinary team to make decisions that are in the best interests of the horses. It is always with great regret and sadness that such a course of action is taken.


BEVA and its members are committed to working closely with the BHA, research organisations and racecourses to provide the best care for equine athletes involved in such sports, and to improve racing conditions and to develop new preventative and treatment strategies that will assist to reduce the number of sporting injuries and to facilitate treatment of even severe injuries in the future.


Henry Tremaine, Honorary Information Officer

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