Monday, April 2, 2012


As of 1st June 2012 all Veterinarians working at FEI Events will be required to carry an Official FEI Veterinarian Identification Card (the ID Card).  Current Official FEI Veterinarians (Veterinary Delegates & MCP / Testing Veterinarians) will be contacted directly by the FEI.

There is an interim measure to get treating veterinarians (this includes any veterinarians that intend to carry out any treatment at FEI events) registered. This involves the British Equestrian Federation (BEF) submitting a list of names of vets by the end of April.  After this time vets will need to complete application forms.  All treating veterinarians will have to complete a short online test in order to get an ID Card. 

Any treating veterinarians that want to be registered need to email Rachel Peters with their full name, email address and contact telephone number, by 25th April.

For a summary of the new FEI  Veterinary education and identification system, please click here.

More details on the new ID card and how to register can be found at  

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