There is a significant danger that there may be a restriction in our right to dispense antimicrobials throughout the European Union and the basis on which such a ban would be made, is based on little accurate data on prescribing habits in the companion (including equine) animal sector.  The lack of usage data means that the regulators may make an inappropriate decision which could adversely affect the welfare of horse's under-our-care and equine veterinary practice in the UK.  


The FVE has developed a short survey on antimicrobial usage and we would recommend to all BEVA members, that they complete this survey, which should take no more than 5 or 10 minutes.


The goal of the survey is to provide a better insight into the decision making process of vets when he or she is considering antimicrobials as a therapy. This will help the FVE understand whether the measures taken so far to control veterinary antimicrobial resistance (AMR) are effective or not, and will serve as a basis for future actions.  The answers will be treated as anonymous, kept internal and overall results will be published later this year. The survey will close on 15 April 2012.  If any BEVA members have any specific queries, these can be directed to the BEVA office and we'll pass them on to our Health & Medicines committee.


BEVA Health and Medicines Committee