Monday, March 5, 2012

BEVA has noted the findings of the RCVS disciplinary proceedings against Marc J Auerbach regarding the measuring of horses and ponies under the JMB measuring scheme with interest.

BEVA considers the findings of the proceedings to be of significant interest to all of those people involved in the measurement of horses and ponies, with the proceedings highlighting the difficulty in establishing the true height of a horse or pony. The proceedings indicate that the height of a mature horse or pony can alter, and that the height of the animal may be influenced by external factors including seasonality feeding and  pharmacological agents, and we advise our members to note these findings carefully.  These findings illustrate clearly the potentially challenging influences on a veterinarian acting for the JMB, especially when measuring horses belonging to their clients.

BEVA Council has a representative on the Joint Measurement Board and will be supporting the integrity of the veterinary surgeon as the ramifications of the RCVS ruling become apparent. BEVA will be pro-active in advising the JMB should it feel that a review of the measuring and certification procedures is appropriate following this investigation.

The RCVS Disciplinary Committee Findings and Decisions are available at RCVS document-library/auerbach

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