Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In recognition of Professor Barrie Edwards' immense contribution to equine veterinary science and education, Equine Veterinary Journal is honoured to be able to draw together all the papers that he published in the journal as a virtual issue.

Writing in EVJ's March issue, Professor David Freeman concluded "Barrie Edwards has left us with a legacy that will survive for years to come through an improved confidence in colic surgery and a colic database for credible epidemiological studies on colic. He developed a team of colleagues that can expand on his legacy. Although much has been written and spoken about Barrie Edwards' impact on colic surgery in the horse, in truth, the greatest benefactors of his work are those that can only praise his efforts by silently enjoying the benefits of them. As veterinarians, we should regard that as the ultimate praise".

Professor Edwards' bibliography is available to view online, please click here to login.

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