Wednesday, February 1, 2012 - Mark Humph


The BVA's revised and updated good practice guide to handling veterinary waste in England and Wales is now available both online and in hard copy.


We all know that disposing of your veterinary waste correctly can be a source of anxiety and the prospect of ploughing through seemingly complex regulations can be less than appealing - which is why the BVA have done it for you. Supported by the Environment Agency, the guide is presented as an easy to understand, quick-reference poster enabling you to segregate, categorise and describe your veterinary waste confidently, efficiently and in line with EA requirements.


The guide summarises the types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams likely to be produced in veterinary practice, gives examples, and lists the types of containers required for disposal alongside the appropriate classification code. There is also a section explaining the importance of carrying out a veterinary risk assessment on the waste you produce, and the questions you must ask in order to fulfil your duty of care.


The guide is complemented by additional, more detailed web-guidance which covers record keeping requirements, advice on completing consignment and transfer notes and on carrying out a pre-acceptance audit. You'll also find some useful templates to download, aimed at making the process even easier.


The BVA will be sending out hard copies of the guide during the week commencing 6 February, for you to make available within your practice. If you would like additional copies, perhaps for your other branches or for a colleague in a neighbouring practice, please contact



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