Thursday, January 19, 2012


Five veterinary students have now been selected to receive extra-mural study (EMS) research grants this year from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) Charitable Trust. Four travel scholarships have also been granted to veterinary surgeons to make short, research-related visits to veterinary or medical centres.


Gemma Dryburgh, a veterinary student at the University of Edinburgh, is one of the EMS research grant recipients. She will receive £500 to undertake a research project entitled Bone Reabsorption in High Milk-Yielding Dairy Cattle versus Beef Cattle.


"It is important to me that I gain some experience in research to really open my horizons in the world of veterinary medicine into all avenues of work for once I'm qualified, and also to further my knowledge and experience," says Gemma. "I wish to see just how much of their own bone mineralisation dairy cattle sacrifice in order to keep up with the high milk-yields that human consumption demand. Knowing these values may allow feed rations to be more accurately made up to help reduce bone reabsorption and increase the welfare of dairy cattle."


She thanked the Trust for its support. "I am thoroughly honoured to receive such a wonderful opportunity of being able to carry out my own research project," Gemma says.


"Although a £500 grant may sound relatively small beer, EMS research grants are useful to veterinary students," says RCVS Trust Director Cherry Bushell. "Gaining experience of research can help stand students in good stead for their later careers - whether as researchers or as practitioners. Similarly, the relatively modest travel scholarships we award can be useful, for example, by supporting the dissemination of research findings at conferences."


These awards will be made are as follows:


RCVS Trust extra-mural studies research projects:


Joseph Clarke

University of Edinburgh

Investigating anaesthetic and analgesic protocols for use in animal birth control and rabies eradication programmes in the developing world

Gemma Dryburgh

University of Edinburgh

Bone reabsorption in high milk-yielding dairy cattle versus beef cattle

Christopher Snow

Royal Veterinary College, University of London

Analysis of faecal cortisol levels and behavioural data from released Asian elephants from a rehabilitation centre in Sri Lanka

Emily Ulfelder

Royal Veterinary College, University of London

Analysis of microparticle formation in feline arterial thromboembolism (FATE)

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