Following on from the latest Detection Time release for prednisolone etc on the 28th November the BHA are busy planning for 2012...and would value BEVA members' comments on a draft dantrolene study design.

This work is planned in collaboration with US/European groups using 'Dantrium': the administration phase will be carried out in California +/- Europe with the BHA analysing the samples early in 2012.   The BHA have a draft dosage regimen, as below, which they understand to be one in common use, but they would like your input on its suitability...

DOSE: 12 x 100 mg capsules daily, given on a sliding scale reducing by 2 every other day to a maintenance dose of 4 capsules/day out to a total of 14 days - ie

Day 1 & 2       

Day 3 & 4     

Day 5 & 6     

Day 7 & 8     

Day 9 & 10     

Day 11 & 12      

Day 13 & 14








There is the option to conduct more than one dosage regimen if needed.  The BHA would appreciate your comments by Tuesday December 27th to please -  protocols need to be finalised by year end.