Thursday, December 15, 2011

Following on from the latest Detection Time release for prednisolone etc on the 28th November the BHA are busy planning for 2012...and would value BEVA members' comments on a draft dantrolene study design.

This work is planned in collaboration with US/European groups using 'Dantrium': the administration phase will be carried out in California +/- Europe with the BHA analysing the samples early in 2012.   The BHA have a draft dosage regimen, as below, which they understand to be one in common use, but they would like your input on its suitability...

DOSE: 12 x 100 mg capsules daily, given on a sliding scale reducing by 2 every other day to a maintenance dose of 4 capsules/day out to a total of 14 days - ie

Day 1 & 2       

Day 3 & 4     

Day 5 & 6     

Day 7 & 8     

Day 9 & 10     

Day 11 & 12      

Day 13 & 14








There is the option to conduct more than one dosage regimen if needed.  The BHA would appreciate your comments by Tuesday December 27th to please -  protocols need to be finalised by year end.

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