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An Indian charity dedicated to improving the lives of animals is appealing for veterinary volunteers to help it carry out its work.

Help in Suffering (HIS) has spent 30 years championing the welfare of animals in the city of Jaipur, in the province of Rajasthan, and cares for creatures ranging from horses to camels, plus dogs, cats, rabbits and until recently, elephants.

Led by English chief vet Dr Jack Reece, the 35-strong HIS team provides care both at the charity's base just outside central Jaipur and across the city itself through its six animal welfare projects, supported by three rescue ambulances and two mobile clinic vehicles.

The equine project sees one of the mobile clinics provide free care to Jaipur's working horses, ponies and donkeys, which frequently suffer exhaustion, lameness and disease from over-work and poor diet.

Project leader Dr Sudhir Swami says: "We are reducing these problems, many of which are preventable.

"For example, daily hoof care helps prevent injury, infection and lameness and so we distribute hoof picks together with information on how to properly clean the hoof."

To help it continue its work, the charity is inviting both newly qualified and experienced veterinary surgeons as well as veterinary students to undertake volunteer placements of three months or more. Because of funding constraints the charity asks volunteers cover their own travel, accommodation and food costs.

Dr Reece says: "At HIS we gladly share duties and responsibilities to look after the animals in this part of the world.

"It is a labour of love. We get immense satisfaction from what we do, and enjoy a strong bond of friendship among ourselves in helping the animals of Jaipur."    

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Dr Reece via

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