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Today sees the launch of our new scheme to help veterinary graduates cope with the stresses and challenges posed in their first few years after graduation.


BEVA Grads launched at BEVA Congress today, with the primary intention of helping our younger members link up with local kindred spirits.


Veterinary graduates can sometimes find moving to a completely new area, without a network of friends or family close to hand, a little daunting. While getting stuck into a new role is a great chance to develop friendships, it doesn't always provide the opportunity to mix with others in the same boat and the demands of a new job may leave little spare time for a social life beyond the practice.


The BEVA Grad scheme is initially targeted at those who have graduated in the past five years. It aims to bring together vets in each of the 12 regions around the UK via an online forum and through informal regional gatherings - most likely in a pub!  The scheme should enable individuals to compare successes (and failures), good, bad, and mad clients, and the best and worst of partners' foibles, all away from the eyes and ears of the practice and with a free drink in hand.


A Representative has been assigned to each region and BEVA and its commercial partners will put something towards refreshments at each get-together. Christopher Elliot, a recent graduate has been appointed 'Rep' for the south east. He said: "This is a wonderful opportunity for BEVA to develop an invaluable relationship with new and recent graduates, helping them to establish themselves as they start their careers equine practice. Building a good social network with other like-minded young equine vets and having the opportunity to discuss shared experiences should help them through what is often a very challenging period in their career." 


All BEVA members who have graduated in the past five years will automatically become part of the BEVA Grads network and will be offered the opportunity to sign up to our new online "Group" via the social networking medium of Facebook. Details will be sent via e-blast during Congress, to all members who fit into this category and the first gathering of BEVA Grads will hopefully take place not long after that!


If you have not heard about the BEVA Grads Scheme and would like to find out more about what is happening in your region, please contact the BEVA Office, or why not come and talk to us on the registration desk.

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