Thursday, December 12, 2019

Jane at the End of Life Service provides an update for BEVA members on the service that is now available.

The concerns of equine charities over the collection of horses has been addressed by the End of Life Service.  Through our network of collectors, we have a GB wide collection system, based on a known standard of service and a competitive price structure that will allow those horse owners who cannot afford to have a horse removed, an affordable option.

Following the successful pilot of the Equine End of Life Service in Scotland the service launched to the rest of the GB in June of this year.  More collectors continue to engage with the service meaning that the choices and prices available to equine owners become ever more favourable.

The focus to date has been on drawing people to the website in an educational capacity in addition to offering collector euthanasia and disposal options. We need your help to increase opportunities for ‘sign-posting’ horse owners to the important equine end of life support resources that have been made available (or shared) by the charities.

Uptake continues to grow slowly month on month with horse owners and stakeholders appreciating the personal service offered by our administration team and the information available on the website.

You will have received a letter from Michael Seals, our Chairman.  This was sent to all equine veterinary practices with a view to seek engagement in promoting the service to equine owners. We see equine vets as key to the ongoing development of this initiative which has full support from the equine charities including British Horse Society.

The Equine End of Life Service is a not for profit organisation that offers a euthanasia and / or collection service for all equines, utilising fully trained, professional and licensed collectors. Whatever your client’s requirements might be, our team and its collectors stand ready to help horse owners at this difficult time – either directly or in conjunction with you as veterinary surgeons.

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