Monday, October 28, 2019

Now the final clinic for 2019 has successfully taken place we can now look forward to the clinics planned for spring 2020. Two clinics took place this Autumn, the first in Newark, Nottinghamshire led by Sarah Smith from Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons. A great team of 8 vets volunteered and worked brilliantly together. 32 horses attended with 16 of those castrated. At the second clinic in York an impressive team of 11 vet and 3 vet nurse volunteers were led by BEVA Council member Phil Cramp. It was a busy day, 41 horses attended with 21 of those castrated. Following the clinic 3 rigs were also castrated at Hambleton Equine Practice.

The BEVA Trust and BHS joint initiative is in its fourth year and a total of 1228 horses have now attended the clinics around the country with 563 castrations. Coordinated by the British Horse Society with support from a number of other equine welfare charities, the clinics provide castrations, dental care, farriery, worming, microchipping and passporting for horses identified to be in need,  The project aim is to open lines of communication with owners whose horses are deemed “at risk”.

A very big thank you to all the BEVA Trust Volunteers who gave up their time to support the Education and Welfare Clinics in 2019.

Newark Clinic, 25th September

Sarah Smith LVS (Rossdales Veterinary Surgeons)

Stephanie Fitzgerald (Evolution Equine)

Josh Alecock (Patron and Lee)

Lizzie Moore (Knotts Yard Vets)

Maggie Dreistadt (Carmarthen Veterinary Centre)

Sarah Worley (Clarendon Equine)

Lauren Hunniset (Bransby Horses)

Ana Lopes (Minster Vets)

York Clinic, 8th October

Phil Cramp LVS (Hambleton Equine)

Ana Juan de Pedro (Happy Horse Veterinary)

Sarah Hunter (Station House Vets)

Lucy Mechie (Galtres Vets)

Emily Beachill (Galtres Vets)

Alice Faulds (Galtres Vets)

Anna Szkutnik (Minster Vets)

Sophie Wiskow (Minster Vets)

Ana Lopes (Minster Vets)

Siobhan Robinson (EVN)

Marie Rippingale (EVN)

Francesca Ware EVN (Hambleton Equine)

Federica Marobbio (Hambleton Equine)

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