Friday, September 6, 2019

Why should Equine Vets consider Income Protection?
Many Equine Vets have financial commitments such as rent, mortgages and credit cards to the usual monthly bills. If you are unfortunate to be off work due to an injury or illness, these commitments will still need to be paid. 
Income Protection could ensure that the bills are taken care of leaving you to get better, making sure your lifestyle and that of your family does not need to change.

What does the PG Mutual policy cover?
The policy can cover up to 70% of your gross income or £5,200 a month, whichever is lower. If you are injured, or you fall ill, the monthly benefit is payable until you are well enough to return to work or reach the age of 65, whichever is sooner. PG Mutual assess all policies before implementation and can also cover Equine Vets for equestrian sport.

Are there any additional benefits to having a PG Mutual policy?
- PG Mutual has no shareholders, meaning members share in any annual profits.
- A 24/7 GP app providing instant access to a GP with the touch of a button.
- Telephone Counselling & Helpline Service for when you need a little extra support.
- An Enhanced Loyalty Bonus top-up to £10,000 and six-month’s income benefit to a member’s family in the event of their death.
- Free access to our fantastic member benefit scheme and much more.

Visit for full details of these offers and be sure to use discount code ‘BEVA’ when completing a Quick Quote.

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