Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Following the advice note to trainers in June 2019, the BHA can advise that analysis of a number of products which contain Omeprazole has been performed at LGC (the BHA's partner analytical laboratory). 

No oral preparations were found to contain testosterone (nor any other anabolic steroids). However, samples of the injectable Omeprazole 100 mg/ml (BOVA UK) were found to contain low levels of testosterone. 

Testosterone is an anabolic androgenic steroid and is Prohibited At All Time over certain thresholds under Schedule (G)1 of the BHA Rules of Racing. The relevant Rules for substances that are Prohibited At All Times can be found in Schedule (G) – Equine Anti-Doping Manual. The associated penalties for these Rules are found in the Guide to Procedures and Penalties 2018

Due to the above results indicating the presence of testosterone in the injectable Omeprazole 100mg/ml (BOVA UK), the BHA would advise that the possession, use or attempted use, and administration or attempted administration of this product could amount to breaches of the Rules of Racing (including that presence of testosterone over the permitted threshold in a sample may result in a 14 month suspension from racing and a 12 month mandatory stand down from racing for the horse in addition to the other penalties for the Responsible Person).

As such, we would advise trainers and other industry participants to remove Omeprazole (BOVA UK) from all licensed premises, and not to administer this product to a Thoroughbred from birth until permanent retirement form racing (this includes yearlings/other horses prior to entering training).

Trainers are encouraged to discuss alternative treatments with their veterinary surgeons in the first instance. Further advice may be sought by contacting the BHA Equine Health and Welfare Department on 020 7152 0090 or 

The BHA published Detection Time for oral omeprazole is –
Substance Preparation Dose       Route of Administration Detection Time (hours)
Omeprazole Gastrogard® 37% Oral Paste 1 mg/kg for 28 days, once daily Oral ≤48

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