Thursday, June 20, 2019

BEVA council’s Allied Professionals committee have made new online resources available designed to promote the role of the equine nurse and make sure practices make the most out of the nurse roles. Neil Townsend tells us more...

Neil, tell us about the new online resources BEVA have made available

The resources we’ve made available are for employers, qualified nurses and trainee nurses and provide detail on exactly what each can do. And we’ve added case examples to show how nurses can be a huge asset to practices. You can find them under Resources for Vets on the BEVA website.  

How do you hope the resources will be used? 
We hope employers use these new resources to understand how they can ensure their nurses are reaching their full potential and in turn we hope this will help retain nurses in equine practice. 

We’re also providing information on nurse training and the benefits of qualified nurses so that it’s easier for nurses and employers to understand how nurse training works and the benefit of training. 

Why did BEVA council feel it was important to create these resources? 
I think there is a general feeling that nurses are not being used to their full potential and could be a reason for poor retention of staff.BEVA council feel it is important to support nurses and the profession in addressing these challenges. Marie Rippingale’s article in the March 2019 BEVA Quarter talked a lot about the challenges equine nurses face and the need for increased job satisfaction.

Hopefully if nurses are being used to their potential they’re more likely to stay in the equine sector, and these resources are designed to support just that.

Browse the online resources here >>

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