Friday, May 17, 2019

As announced in the last BEVA eNews, Defra and the APHA have agreed to accept fresh semen imported from the EU if it is accompanied by a copy of the signed, stamped and correctly dated Intra Trade Animal Health Certificate (ITAHC).  This flexibility has been introduced because of the challenges faced by some regions in ensuring that original documents accompany imported fresh semen.    


  • Only fully authorised original ITAHCs or copies of signed, stamped and correctly dated ITAHCs should be accepted (e.g. a scanned and emailed copy of the original authorised document). 
  • If the accompanying document is not of a copy of the fully authorised (i.e. signed, stamped and correctly dated) ITAHC then the semen should be rejected.
  • The original paper document (the fully authorised ITAHC) must be received retrospectively.
  • As set out in Defra’s March 2019 guidance – Import of Equine Genetic Material from EU Countries ( – there is still a requirement for the importer to pre-notify the APHA before the arrival of the consignment.

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