Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The most recent BEVA Trust project took place at The Institute of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences of the Estonian University of Life Sciences, in Tartu. Estonian equine vets and veterinary students joined together for a weekend of imaging seminars and practical sessions. The seminars covered a range of topics, including the fetlock, tarsus, stifle, neck and back, head, thorax and eye. Radiography and ultrasonography techniques were discussed, along with common pathologies and some anatomy.

Two days of practical sessions gave the equine vets and vet students time to put theory into practice. A demonstration was first given for the ultrasound practical sessions on a big screen before delegates were able to practice themselves. The metacarpus, distal flexor tendon sheath, fetlock and pastern regions, along with the stifle, thorax and eye were covered in these sessions. Radiography practical sessions were tailored to the experiences of the delegates, with the equine vets choosing to practice acquisition of oblique cervical articular facet joints and shoulder projections, whilst the students practiced positioning of hock and fetlock radiographs.

It was a pleasure working alongside the Estonian equine vets and veterinary students participating in the course. Many questions were asked and there was great enthusiasm for the practical sessions. It was an honour to represent the BEVA Trust and we felt it was a very worthwhile subject to cover. Both basic and more complicated topics were included and we hope there was something for all levels of expertise.
Report by Rhiannon Morgan


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