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This year there will be 4 vacancies on BEVA Council and it is my pleasure to invite nominations for these positions. It is hugely important that the composition of Council is representative of BEVA's diverse membership and nominations are encouraged from all corners of the Association.

Over time the role and influence of Council has expanded.  The Association currently advises and liaises with Government on many domestic and European issues, tackles a wide range of topical veterinary and welfare subjects, and provides some of the best equine CPD available anywhere.  Joining Council offers individuals the opportunity to become closely involved in these fields and to represent the Association in areas that are of particular interest to them.

Council members represent the membership by determining the strategic direction of the Association, by defining policy for the Association, and by promoting those policies to government, non-governmental organisations, and the public.  Members are assigned to one or more Committees (Health and Medicines, Education, Welfare, Policy, or Paraprofessionals) and also attend meetings to formulate the Association's strategy and review its performance.  Importantly there is no requirement for specific expertise and, whilst it is necessary for the Committees to have specialist advice, it is also critical that the Committees understand the issues faced by equine vets be they young, old, a partner in a large hospital or an assistant in a small mixed practice.

Most Council members spend 4 - 8 days away from their workplace each year on BEVA duties and also fit in Committee conference calls and email discussion threads.  Although membership of Council takes time, it provides a unique opportunity to influence the future of BEVA and the equine veterinary profession - this is your opportunity to get involved and make a difference. All related travel and accommodation costs are covered and members also receive complimentary registration to BEVA Congress.  Election is for a three year term with the opportunity to continue, subject to re-election, for a second term.

Council membership also offers a unique opportunity to work, debate and socialise with a diverse cross section of our profession.  Meetings are typically animated, stimulating and productive.

Nomination for election to BEVA council is open to all Ordinary and Concessionary members of the Association.  You can find more information on the work of BEVA council in the newsletters ( or by contacting me either directly on or via the BEVA office

Please complete the nomination and election statement (click here) and forward, for my attention, either by mail to the BEVA Ltd office: Mulberry House, 31 Market St, Fordham, Ely, Cambs, CB7 5LQ, by email to or by fax to +44 (0)1638 724 043.  Nominations should be received no later than 1st August 2011.

Frances Henson, Hon Secretary

BEVA Council


Council Meeting Attendance






Madeleine Campbell (Ashdown Forest)

Senior Vice President

14 out of 16


Deidre Carson (Newmarket)


21 out of 24

Ben Mayes (Horsham)

President Elect

11 out of 12

Keith Chandler (Inverness)

Junior Vice President

1 out of 2

Frances Henson (Cambridge)

Honorary Secretary

5 out of 9

Malcolm Morley (Winchester)

Honorary Treasurer

5 out of 6

Henry Tremaine (Bristol)

Honorary Information Officer

9 out of 16

James Wood (Cambridge)

Honorary Publications Officer

15 out of 24


Elected Members of Council




Mark Bowen (Nottingham)

Two years to serve first term

0 out of 2

Tim Brazil (Moreton- in -Marsh)

Retires after second term

10 out of 15


Michael Crane (Sidmouth)

One year to serve first term

3 out of 3

Andrew Harrison (Tewkesbury)

Two years to serve first term

2 out of 2

Lynn Hillyer (Newmarket)

Retires after first term but eligible for re-election

3 out of 5


Vicki Nicholls (Macclesfield)

Two years to serve first term

1 out of 2

Roland Owers (Norwich)

One year to serve first term

3 out of 3

Chris Pearce (Wimborne)

Two years to serve second term

8 out of 9

Michael Sadlier (Kildare)

One year to serve first term

1 out of 3

Charles Schreiber (Newbury)

Two years to serve second term

7 out of 9

Josh Slater (North Mymms)

Retires after second term

31 out of 32


*Eligible for re-election

Note: Attendance represents continuous service on council.  Where it appears that some members have served for longer than the usual maximum of six years, this indicates that the individual was subsequently elected to Office within the Association or was elected to council after a period as an officer.

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