It is apparent that a number of UK vets are unknowingly failing to record vaccinations as per the regulations.

The relevant EU regulation (504/2008) states that:

"Details of every vaccination which the horse/equine animal undergoes must be entered clearly and in detail, and certified with the name and signature of veterinarian".

In some cases it appears that a generic practice stamp (i.e. a stamp which does not include the vet's name) is being used and that the vet is not printing their name alongside the stamp. 

Where the vet cannot be identified there is a risk that:

  • Governmental bodies may delay transport or sale.


  • Competition authorities (racing/equestrianism) may not be able to quickly address vaccination certificate anomalies and horses may not be allowed to compete.

It is recommended that the Veterinary Surgeon (Stamp) / Nom du Veterinaire (Cachet) column in passport vaccination records are completed with the vets name and practice (clearly printed or as a stamp). 

This will ensure compliance with the regulations, will assist the authorities in dealing with vaccination irregularities that emerge at competitions, and may help avoid some embarrassing conversations with owners.