Monday, March 4, 2019

Marie Rippingale talks to us about the role of RVNs ahead of the BEVA nurse courses in April and May...

What challenges do you think equine nurses are facing at the minute and how will this year's CPD help nurses address these?

Registered Veterinary Nurses (RVNs) as a whole are facing a crisis, where many experienced nurses are leaving the profession because they feel undervalued and underutilised. This is a problem, as we just don't have an adequate number of experienced nurses to replace them. This was highlighted in the RCVS VN Futures report back in 2016. I think the BEVA CPD can help to address this, by giving RVNs ideas about how to use their knowledge in different ways. 

District nursing is a role that is in its early stages of development but, it would allow more experienced nurses to take more responsibility for the care they are giving. It would allow the RVN to have a closer relationship with the client and the patient, allowing them to gain the recognition they deserve. Of course would all be carried out under the employment of a practice, and the direction of a veterinary surgeon. 

How do you think equine vet nurses can benefit from looking at the role of district nursing?

I think the role of a District Veterinary Nurse would benefit RVNs by giving them immense job satisfaction. 

The role would allow RVNs to work outside the practice environment, doing something that they enjoy, and are specifically trained for. They would benefit from planning and administering care (in consultation with the case veterinary surgeon, and still under the employment of the practice) and monitoring the response of the patient. This can all be done whilst building a close and trusting relationship with the client, and the patient. 

This job satisfaction and sense of value would hopefully encourage RVNs to stay in the profession, and this not only benefits the practice and current colleagues, but also the next generation of RVNs, who need role models and guidance.

We're running three nurse CPD courses this year (1 all day practical course and 2 regional meetings), why should nurses attend them?

These courses will give delegates current, evidence based information to assist them in their professional roles. They will have access to experts in their fields, and also their peers. Equine Veterinary Nursing is a small world, and it is often useful to have a number of equine nurses together to generate ideas, in order to push the profession forward.

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