Thursday, February 28, 2019

Renate Weller, BEVA President talks to us about what she has been up to over the last few months... 

You’re half way through your presidential year, how have you found it and what have you learnt from being BEVA President? 

I have had an amazing time so far. It's given me the opportunity to meet so many people from so many different walks of life. It's been - and is- amazing! 

Day meetings like the WHW day in London where people from all aspects of the equestrian world come together to learn and discuss about horse welfare nationally and internationally. I attended conferences of other membership organisations and met vets and nurses looking after different species, but also practice managers, receptionists and more members of the veterinary team. 

My mantra has been to take away something from every meeting, every encounter and every learning session I go to. I have felt a little bit like “a child in the candy store”.

BEVA are launching a new coaching project to support newly qualified vets. How’s it going and what’s happening? 

We have been busy recruiting members into our first coaching team (which we had an amazing response from). The first cohort of coaches has started their training at the end of January. We are very lucky to have secured the help of Rachel Davis, an experienced professional coach who is helping us with training and supporting our coaches. We are now planning for our trained coaches to offer their help to people who would like a bit of help with their career. 

What else are BEVA council working on at the minute? 

As usual BEVA council have several projects on the go. As a team we have been trying our very best to be kept in the loop and having as much input as possible in anything that concerns horses or our profession, especially within the Brexit saga. 

Personally I have enjoyed working with the RCVS on their graduate outcomes discussion. I have also been busy to defend the equine corner in the new approach the HSE is taken in respect to using radiation in veterinary practice. As our webinar shows there will be some tightening on the rules but overall I think we can be content with the outcome... it could have been much worse.

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