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BEVA has introduced some exceptional CPD courses for equine and mixed vets returning to equine practice after a break from clinical work.

The courses are aimed at refreshing knowledge, practical skills and confidence and have been specifically designed by vets who have returned to work after a break.

Sarah Gasper, BEVA’S Learning Manager explains: “Many of us on the BEVA education team understand exactly what it’s like to return to practice whether after a career break, paternity/maternity or sickness leave. We also understand the specific challenges of moving from mixed into equine practice. We have created these courses to help make the transition back to work as smooth as possible. We’ve tried to incorporate everything we wish we had had access to when we returned to practice!”

Reinvigorate your approach to equine practice will be held on 12 March 2019 at Lythe Hill Hotel, Haslemere. The lecture and forum based course explores the latest advances in internal medicine, orthopaedics, and sports medicine and how to apply them to develop evidence-based clinical approaches to common and emergency scenarios in practice. 

Getting (back) into equine practice will be held on 13 March 2019 at Liphook Equine Hospital Hampshire. This entirely practical day of CPD is dedicated to improving confidence of established equine vets and for vets returning to work following a career break. The course will focus on the practical procedures that an established equine ambulatory vet might be expected to perform on a regular basis. In a new approach to CPD we are trialling a system where delegates can shape part of this unique CPD day for themselves, with an online poll pre-course to select from a choice of practicals. 

Both courses will have childcare facilities to help support parents wishing to attend CPD.

BEVA President Renate Weller said: “We have listened carefully to our members and have developed these courses to fulfil their evolving needs and requirements. It’s the first series we have run for those returning from a career break and we hope that the provision child care facilities will make CPD much more accessible for those juggling parenthood with their career.”

BEVA will also be running a course on the fundamentals of sedation, field anaesthesia and castration on 27 and 28 March 2019 at World Horse Welfare, Snetterton, Norfolk. This cleverly structured practical 'hands on' course is designed for new or recent graduates or those in mixed practice with varied levels of equine work. It comprises evening lectures on the first day to free up more time for hands-on training on day two. It will cover sedation and field anaesthesia required for common field surgery such as castration, both in theory and in a practical session, with the equine welfare charity venue able to provide a high number of colts for castration work. Nerve blocks and regional anaesthesia for other common procedures will also be covered on cadavers. 

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