Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The BEVA Trust sponsored workshop at the Estonian University of Life Sciences took place from 2nd to 4th February 2018.  The first day consisted of lectures focused primarily on wound assessment, healing and management. The lectures were intended to provide practical tips and be useful in the field.  They were attended by lecturers at the Estonia University of Life Sciences, veterinary surgeons practicing in Estonia and Finland, and veterinary students from Estonia and Finland.  Topics covered included wound assessment and management, dealing with synovial sepsis, dealing with wound complications, assessment and management of the lame horse and then in the afternoon sessions on field anaestheisia, castration complications, eneucleation, surgery of the foot and sinus surgery.  

This was followed by two days of practical sessions; the first for veterinary surgeons and the second for veterinary students.  This format allowed the delegates to practice the techniques discussed within the lectures, ask further questions, and consolidate their knowledge.  The practical topics covered included diagnostic analgesia, synoviocentesis, suturing techniques, skin grafting techniques, bandaging, splinting and casting techniques, sinus trephination and eneucelation. 

The practical sessions were well organised, with small enough group sizes, sufficient equipment and cadaver specimens to allow the participants to gain practical, hands on experience.  The involvement of the University Lecturers, and the new skills they obtained, will benefit the veterinary students they teach.  Both the lectures and practical sessions were well received and the whole experience was a positive one for both the participants and us the lecturers. 
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