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Education is a vital part of changing practice and promoting responsible use. When constructing and reviewing local policies it is vital to develop buy in from all members of the practice. A range of resrouces have been curated to enable staff to develop an evidence based approach to antimicrobial use in the horse. The abstracts of these can be viewed here

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A Virtual issue of Equine Veterinary Journal on the subject can be accessed here

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A brochure promoting responsible antimicrobial use can be downloaded below


1. Promote responsible use of prescribed antibiotics

BEVA has produced client information leaflets that can be provided to clients in paper form, as well as shortened URLs and QR codes that can be attached to medicine packaging. 

These leaflets are designed to promote a better understanding of antimicrobial resistance and how to use these medicines responsibly. Recent research from the WHO showed that 74% of the global population do not understand what the term antimicrobial resistance means. 


Labels can be printed (21 per page) and attached prior to prescribing. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS

2. Reduce pressure to prescribe antibiotics

A poster and fact sheet have been developed for use by practices to help explain the importance of responsible antimicrobial use. Click on the images below to download these.



In addition a series of light hearted cartoons have been created to spread the message of responsible antimicorbial use. These can be used on websites or social media.