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Medicines Guidance

Guidance on veterinary medicines and the cascade

Veterinary specials and The Cascade 

The prescribing cascade is an essential part of equine practice in the UK. It applies some basic principles that allow veterinary surgeons to treat animals using drugs not licenced for that condition in that species. 

We have provided a range of resources to help you when using the cascade. 

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Equine medicines regulations can sometimes appear overly complex. 

We've provided a number of resources to help understand the use of medicines.


Members Product Database

Medicines availability remains a constant problem in equine practice with commonly used medicines becoming unavailable on a temporary or permanent basis.

This resource gives BEVA members the ability to search for suppliers.

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Protect Me - ANTIBIOTIC use toolkit

At BEVA, we believe that effective self-regulation on the responsible use of antimicrobials is a more suitable option than a legislative solution. Our award winning antibiotic use tool kit aims to support you in the responsible use of antibiotics. 

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