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Who are the BEVA Sustainability Working Group

Sustainability in Equine Practice Council Updates
26 May 2022 BEVA

In our latest video update Callum Haseler, Rossdales Equine Surgeons, tells us about BEVA's Sustainability Working Group that was set up in 2021 after a survey published in Equine Veterinary Education found that as a profession we feel sustainability issues are important but we don't have the tools to promote sustainability in equine practice. 

The BEVA Sustainability Working Group comprises of a mix of BEVA Council Members and BEVA members that are passionate about the topic. 

  • Callum Haseler
  • Tim Mair
  • John Walmsley
  • Rebekah Sullivan
  • Cecilia Bombonato
  • Hannah Davies
  • Julia Shrubb
  • Graham Duncanson
  • Bonny Millar
  • Wendy Furness
  • Emily Buckley
  • Polly Rathbone
  • Ester Riley


Visit the new sustainability resource page