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Vets with Horsepower virtual event aims to break world record

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01 Apr 2021 BEVA

Travel restrictions mean that this year the Horsepower project is going virtual. Aiming to break the world record for live continuous CPD, the event will run on 29 April for 25 hours, delivering 30 talks from 23 speakers.

The programme sets out to raise money for charities who are reliant upon donations and have therefore been affected by the pandemic. All money raised will be split between the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust, Saving the Survivors, Ethelbert Child and Youth Centre and VetLife. It is hoped that the event will provide a unique educational experience for veterinarians, students, nurses and anyone else who is interested in the lecture content.

Organiser Derek Knottenbelt said “We want to get together for good to engage as many people as possible and I believe that we will all benefit from this experience. We will learning something to the betterment of our patients and our own animals … We welcome anyone who wishes to take part in this world record-breaking event”.

“Overall, we have two main objectives in our horsepower programme. Firstly we want to share our expertise with colleagues and friends and secondly, we want to engage good people in raising funds for deserving charities.”

“The horsepower project has so far raised over £750,000 for charitable causes over the 10 years of its existence. The pandemic put a stop to our 2020 and our 2021 live motorbike trips but we are determined not to stand still. This is a completely unique event that is both light-hearted and serious at the same time. We hope that we can engage as many people as possible to join us in this amazing event and who knows, maybe we can even get somewhere towards our current target for this year.”

Topics will include infectious disease, respiratory conditions, orthopaedics, behavioural conditions, cardiology, gastroenterology, dermatology, dentistry and nutrition. You can view the full programme here. Those registering are asked to make a donation of at least £10 to receive access, you can make your donation here. Find out more about the event here.