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VMD hosts Equine Anthelmintic Resistance Stakeholder Workshop

14 Jan 2022 BEVA

On 11 November 2021 the VMD hosted an online Equine Anthelmintic Resistance Stakeholder Workshop. There was significant interest in this Workshop, with 45 external delegates attending from over 30 organisations. Stakeholders shared their views and expertise on the core problems associated with anthelmintic resistance in equine parasites.

The Workshop comprised a series of short presentations from external and internal experts, followed by small group discussions. The Workshop stimulated lively discussion regarding the core problems associated with anthelmintic resistance in the equine sector and ways to optimise existing resources and opportunities for action. Summary notes of the discussion and points collectively identified for potential development can be found here.

The Summary notes can be accessed here.

There was consensus and enthusiasm amongst stakeholders for involvement in follow on initiatives. Stakeholders considered it essential that a coordinated approach is adopted through the formation of a pan-industry equine working group.

A follow up Equine Anthelmintic Resistance Stakeholder Meeting will be convened by the VMD to discuss the next steps to forming a pan-industry equine working group. If you are interested in attending this meeting to take an active role in the process, email anthelmintic.resistance@vmd.gov.uk