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The BEVA Trust and BHS Education and Welfare Clinic relaunches

Volunteer stories
15 Nov 2021 Anonymous

After 18 months the BEVA Trust are delighted to support the BHS to relaunch the education and welfare clinic’s this Autumn. There clinics were held at different locations around the country. The first held in Clitheroe, Lancashire. Luke Edwards was lead vet, 8 vets, 2 EVN’s and 3 students volunteered. It was a busy day, 49 horses attended with 23 horses castrated.

The second clinic was held in Ashford, Kent. Sarah Smith led the team of 11 vets and 3 EVN’s volunteers.  We also had a visit from The Princess Royal, who is Vice-Patron of The British Horse Society (BHS) who visited the clinic see first-hand how the initiative supports horse owners and carers, to prevent welfare issues. On the day 21 horses attended the clinic and 19 were castrated.

The final clinic was held in Bridgend, South Wales. The team of 7 vets and 2 students were led by Annie Ashman. It was a busy clinic with 48 horses attending and 24 were castrated on the day.

The BEVA Trust and British Horse Society have worked together for the past six years. Vets, nurses, students, and farriers have so far helped a total of 1405 horses by volunteering their time and expertise at special clinics around the country. Coordinated by the British Horse Society, and with practical support from a number of other equine welfare charities, these clinics provide dental care, farriery, worming, microchipping and passporting for horses identified to be in need, as well as castration if required. A total of 648 horses have now been castrated.

We would like to thank all the BEVA Trust volunteers who have given up their time to support the Education and Welfare clinics held in Autumn 2021.


Luke Edwards LVS (Liverpool University)

Hanna Olsen (Oakhill Veterinary Centre)

Rosin Wardle (Oakhill Veterinary Centre)

Heather Stephenson (Oakhill Veterinary Centre)

Joseph Winrow (Gillervet)

Hannah Birch (Gillervet)

Millie Lumsden (Ashbrook Equine Hospital)

Nicoli Mathee (Liverpool University)

Samatha Baker (Apex Equine Dental Surgery)

Alice Maccormack (Aireworth Vets)


Bronwen Morris (Liverpool University)

Alice Addis (Liverpool University)

Alice Lloyd (Liverpool University)

Sarah Smith LVS (Bell Equine)

Alice Irons EVN (Bell Equine)

Helen Dagg (Bell Equine)

Chloe O’Sullivan (Bell Equine)

Lucinda Giles (RW Equine)

Beth Rose (RW Equine)

Emily Fairhurst EVN (Newham Court Equine)

Emily Hunter (Newham Court Equine)

Lauren O’Leary (Newham Court Equine)

Sharon Croucher EVN (Newham Court Equine)

Becca Shaw (B&W Equine)

Sophie Mosseri (Sound Equine)

Nicola Berriman (Redwings)

Chloe Jeffered (Redwings)

Celia Van De Walle (Lingfield Vets)

Annie Ashman (LVS)

Antonia Milner (Summerleaze Vets)

Sarah Moore (South Wales Equine Vets)

Lauren Laurencene (Corner House Equine Clinic)

Adrian Allan (Marches Veterinary Group)

Joanna Gillingham (George Vet Group)

Chloe Combe (Marsh Equine Limited)


Lauren Stevens and Jacqueline Knight (South Wales Equine Vets)