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Sustainability Tips for Everyone - Tip 1

Sustainability Tips for Everyone
13 May 2021 BEVA

Jen Gale’s Tip 1 (for Everyone)

I think my first tip for everyone would be to recognise the huge amount of power we have to create change, even as ‘just one person’. The power of our consumer choices can drive change from retailers and manufacturers. The power of our ‘citizen voice’ can be used to call for change from our elected representatives, whether that’s national or local government. We also hold power as ‘influencers’. We might not think it, but we are all influencers and by sharing and talking about some of the changes that we’re making, we’re planting seeds and giving others permission to care and to make their own changes. Lastly, and this one sounds like we might need some kind of secret handshake, we all have the capacity to be ‘change agents’ in the organisations we work or are involved in - you can be the person asking the questions and making the suggestions to make your practice more sustainable.