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Sustainability Tip for Everyone - Tip 4

Sustainability Tips for Everyone Sustainability in Equine Practice
24 Jun 2021 BEVA

Jen Gale's Tip:

Could you commit to shorter showers?

Despite recent deluges and increased flooding risks due to climate change, saving water is still vital, even on a rainy isle such as ours. 

Only 1% of global water supply is accessible fresh water and since 1950 global water use has nearly tripled. Showers are the biggest users of water in UK homes, accounting for a quarter of all water used (and a quarter of our household energy bill too). 
The average shower duration is apparently around seven and a half minutes - cutting this down to 4 minutes will nearly half your water use!

 I know for some it’s the only ‘me time’ we might get, unable to hear the havoc that our offspring are wreaking whilst we grab 10minutes relative peace and quiet, but how about rationing longer showers to just once or twice a week and aiming for 4 minutes or less for the others?