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RCVS statement concerning its Junior Vice-President Professor David Argyle

06 Nov 2020 BEVA

Further to our previous statement (28 October 2020) concerning our Junior Vice-President (JVP), Professor David Argyle, and reported allegations of bullying at his workplace, the University of Edinburgh, we can confirm that a concern has been raised formally with us about this matter and that we are now investigating it under our normal concerns investigation process.

Professor Argyle made a private statement about the reported allegations to RCVS Council at its meeting today (5 November 2020), having already agreed to answer a number of written questions about the same from a number of Council members in the preceding days.

As part of this statement, Professor Argyle told Council that in light of the concern being raised against him with the RCVS, he had made the personal decision to step aside from his JVP and Council duties until the concern was investigated and concluded.

The Council did not request this course of action, but acknowledged that this was Professor Argyle’s personal choice, made for personal reasons.

In line with our normal protocols, and to ensure fairness for all parties involved, we will be unable to offer any further public comment about this investigation for the time being.

However, we would like to reassure the professions that we remain firmly committed to following due and proper process in all our regulatory activities.