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My fondest memory of volunteering with the BEVA Trust - Grace Starling

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15 May 2020 BEVA Member

I have volunteered for 3 BEVA Trust and BHS clinics now, and each has been an enjoyable experience; the first one I attended was just after I graduated and I really benefited from the surgical experience in an environment where I was not afraid to get stuck in, and each time I go I get more experience and am now confident teaching others.

The best part of the clinics, however, has got to be knowing I’m making a difference to each of the horses we see. This really hit home for me when I was visiting one of my clients yards, to start a vaccine course and perform a dental on her newly acquired pony. When I arrived my client explained how the pony was quite nervous and most of her history was unknown, but she had a passport so could I check her microchip? When I saw her passport I realised that she was one of the ponies that we had seen at the first clinic I attended, and that I had microchipped her and drawn the ID (my artwork is quite recognisable!) 18 months down the line this pony had ended up in sunny Suffolk, in a loving home, and most importantly had not had a foal! Her future was really bright, and her owner was happy to know a bit more about her history. To this day, the memory is one of the highlights of my career.

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