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29 Apr 2021 BEVA

Attracting and retaining new graduates in practice is an issue that continues to be highlighted to us. That’s why our Careers Committe have been working to promote equine veterinary practice to students and developing stronger relationships between students, vet schools and practice. BEVA Careers Committee member Phil Cramp tells us more… 

We all recognise the fact that equine veterinary work seems to be the preserve of the ‘horsey few’ and that as a profession we are struggling with recruitment and retention.  We also know that, for the most part, vet schools do not provide enough exposure and support to students in terms of fostering interest in equine work.  So, in the last few years we’ve set out to smash some of those glass ceilings.

We have wanted to demonstrate to students that you don’t have to be horsey to be an equine vet, you can have a work-life balance and even have a family and still be a success.

We created a brand-new committee last year focused on careers and a big priority for the new Committee is the support BEVA can provide students.

As part of this work I’ve led the revamp of BEVA’s Vet School Tours. We now run a series of talks (pre-COVID they took place at the vet school, this year we’ve gone virtual) that share an honest and balanced view of life as an equine vet – welcoming all students from first years to final years.

This year our talks tackle topics including life on call, specialisms, the pros and cons of internships and simply how to get into equine.

Running the talks has demonstrated to me that we, as a profession, need to be helping students get exposure of equine work, bust some of the myths surrounding it and provide them with more support.

I, on behalf of BEVA, would like to say a huge thank you to all the speakers who have donated their time to join us at these events.

Students, register to join us for our last talk and catch up on our two previous discussions here.

The Vet School Tours have been a big success this year with over 200 attending our first two virtual discussions. But we’re not stopping there…

The BEVA Committee is already working on more projects including revamping the BEVA Internship Awareness Programme, working with student associations to provide resources to promote equine practice to ‘non-horsey’ students and supporting their studies with free online learning.

The BEVA Virtual Vet School Lecture Series 2021

Join us for our final virtual, live event on 12 May. Hear from Phil Cramp (Hambleton Equine Clinic), Camilla Nock (Baker McVeigh & Abbott), Alison Talbot (University of Liverpool), Katherine Berry (Clevedale Vets) and Phillip Jones (The Equine Sports Medicine Clinic).

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