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Ethics & Welfare Committee Update - April 2020

Ethics and Welfare Committee Council Updates
23 Apr 2020 Anonymous

Lucy Grieve, BEVA's Ethics and Welfare Committee Chair provides an update on the work they are doing at the minute following their second committee meeting for 2020. 

During the update Lucy tells us that they have made the decision to close our Obesity project pilot slightly early due to Coronavirus and that they are working to collate the data from the practices involved in the pilot to decide how to take the project forward. 

As well as an update on a new project that will look at training on how to stay safe when working as an equine vet. 

Lastly they discussed how coronavirus is affecting welfare in the horse population, and the risk of laminitis and obesity as well as the financial downturn and the impact this will have on the sector. 

The Ethics and Welfare Committee also decided to meet more regularly during the lockdown to ensure projects continue to progress. 

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