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Equestrian Sports Committee Update - April 2020

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30 Apr 2020 BEVA

Fran James, BEVA's Equestrian Sports Committee chair gives us an update on their second meeting of 2020 and what they're working on. 


During the update Fran tells us that unsurprisingly COVID-19 and its impact on equestrian sports is their biggest concern, particularly in terms of its long term effect on economics and welfare. She shares the work of the BHA in coping with horses in training who have been abandoned during this crisis as well as discussion on re-commencing racing behind closed doors. Fran talks of the FEI and BHA apps which aim to carry out passport checks remotely that are set to be released by the end of June and how the FEI have rescheduled all upcoming events in light of the pandemic. Finally, the IHSC has been working to eradicate the latest outbreak of African Horse Sickness and is preparing new methods to ensure safe travel of horses to competitions when they re-start.