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David Rendle appointed BEVAs Junior Vice President

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18 Sep 2020 BEVA

David Rendle was appointed Junior Vice President of BEVA at the 2020 AGM and will sit on the BEVA Board of Management for four years, becoming BEVA President in 2022/23.

Since graduating from the University of Bristol in 2001, David has worked at universities in both the UK and Australia, but has spent most of his career in private practice in the UK. David is actively involved in all fields of equine medicine, but has a particular interest in endocrine, respiratory, ocular and gastrointestinal diseases.

David was elected to BEVA council in 2018 and decided this year to have a greater influence on the direction of the Association.

“I am looking forward to playing my part in ensuring the organisation continues to grow in importance and influence whilst remaining relevant and supportive of its core membership.

“Recent events have placed the profession under unprecedented strain and highlighted how our profession has diverged such that “being a vet” means very different things to different people. The challenges of 2020 placed into stark focus the need for representation of equine vets in practice at the highest political level. We are a small but passionate and important group who play a vital role in promoting the welfare of the horse and we need an effective voice.”

Since joining BEVA Council two years ago David has made a positive impact to the work BEVA are doing. He has sat on both the Ethics and Welfare Committee and the Health and Medicines Committee and is heavily involved in projects to tackle equine obesity and other welfare issues as well as being a leading voice for responsible anthelmintics and antimicrobial use.

Congratulations Dave, everyone at BEVA are looking forward to the next four years with you.