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Consider a beach clean up

Sustainability Tips for Everyone Sustainability Tips for Practices
06 Aug 2021 BEVA


Jen Gale's Tip:

If you’re off on your holidays this month and make it down to the beach, don’t forget to do a #2minutebeachclean while you’re there.

The idea is simple - spend two minutes of your time picking any rubbish you can see, and depositing in a nearby bin, or taking it home with you, with the aim of leaving the beach a little better than you found it.

It doesn’t have to just be at the beach either - taking the kids to the park, or even picking up litter in your street when you say it, all does a great job of keeping wildlife safer, and is a brilliant conversation starter about single use plastics if you get your kids involved.

If you’re a social media type, snap a pic of your litter and share on social media with the #2minutebeachclean hashtag to spread the word!