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Come together for peace of mind with Rider Minds

10 Oct 2020 BEVA
To celebrate the significance of World Mental Health Day, Saturday October 10th, Riders Minds is asking the equestrian community to ‘Come Together’ to support mental health, raise awareness and to make a difference.
At a time when social distancing is the normal, it is more important than ever to show your support for each other. This might be going for a walk or a ride, reaching out to someone, or picking up the phone to someone; whatever it is, take the opportunity to do something positive on World Mental Health Day.
To mark World Mental Health Day, Riders Minds is asking horse riders all over the UK to post an image with the green heart emoji, using the hashtags #SupportEachOther #RidersMinds #PeaceofMind.
In addition Riders Minds will be speaking to riders from grassroots through to professionals to share what three things they do, or can’t live without, to give them ‘peace of mind’ when riding.
Whether it is a lucky pair of socks, a sticky pair of breeches, their favourite instructor, or ensuring there is plenty of time to ride – you can get involved and find out what three things other riders can’t live without on the Riders Minds Facebook page.
Riders Minds is a free online resource dedicated to supporting the mental health and well-being of all horse riders. If you need help or support, or would like to share the resource go to: ridersminds.org.uk.
To get involved in World Mental Health Day click here and use the #SupportEachOther #RidersMinds #PeaceofMind.