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Call for candidates for BEVA Council elections

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11 May 2020 British Equine Veterinary Association

Nominations are being invited from Ordinary and Concessionary BEVA members to stand for BEVA council in this year’s election.

BEVA Council members oversee the direction and strategy of the Association and work together to promote and lead the equine veterinary community by representing the industry, advising on domestic and European issues and tackling a wide range of topical veterinary and welfare topics.

Standing for BEVA Council gives you a unique opportunity to work, debate, socialise with a diverse cross-section of our profession and make a difference on the things that matter to you.

“You will have the opportunity to influence, change, and advance the equine veterinary profession. BEing a BEVA council member gives you the opportunity to contribute to and support the equine veterinary profession. It is also a fantastic opportunity to meet and work with a diverse group of people who are passionate about equine veterinary medicine.”

Fran James, BEVA Trustee

Elected council members are assigned to one or more portfolios and may also be asked to serve on sub-committees and represent BEVA on outside bodies within their areas of expertise. They work across several projects and campaigns that aim to help improve the working lives of equine vets and champion horse health and welfare.

“I would urge anyone that is serious about trying to make change in the equine veterinary profession or the future of the profession to consider getting involved.”

Dave Rendle, current BEVA Council Member

This year there are between 3-4 vacancies on BEVA Council and one on BEVA’s Board of Management. 

In order to stand, candidates will need to complete a nomination form along with a short personal statement. Each candidate who stands must be nominated by two BEVA members.

Nominations for BEVA Council open on Monday 11 May 2020 and close at 12pm on Friday 10 July 2020. Following the nomination period, the election period will take place during August 2020. All eligible BEVA members will be invited to vote via our website.

We’d encourage prospective candidates to contact us for an informal discussion and for further information about being on BEVA Council. Please direct all enquiries to Fiona Cunnington (fiona@beva.org.uk) in the first instance.

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