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BEVA Trust volunteers help to improve equine welfare in Morrocco

Volunteer stories
13 Dec 2019 BEVA Member

In November 2019 the BEVA Trust supported volunteers Dr Karl Holliman BVM&S CertEP MRCVS and Jeffrey Newnham DipWCF to travel to Morocco to spend a week at The American Fondouk .

Jeff Newnham shares his experience and passion for volunteering.

Karl Holliman delivered Dental Training throughout the week with 3 days of lectures and wet lab based training to visiting Vets and Vet students. Jeff Newnham with Mohamed Larbi Souhail (Fondouk Vet) presented 2 lectures focusing on farriery and diseases of the foot. Ongoing podiatry training for resident Vets/Interns and Students from Wipers, Glasgow, focused on the use of adhesives in effecting hoof repairs.

With 90% of the world’s equids receiving attention from less than 10% of the world’s equine vets it is essential that the link between this huge number and the Veterinary industry is improved. One of the ways this can be achieved is by those with experience to put themselves forward to teach and pass on skills in areas of the world where there is a vacuum of knowledge.

For those who entered this profession to ‘make a difference’ this is your chance to do so. Please contact BEVA and ask how you can help …it really is that simple!

If you have any reservations about volunteering, ask anyone who has! They will all answer with a single voice that it one of the most rewarding aspects of our profession.

I would urge everyone who values animal welfare to get involved and let’s do something about the shocking statistic that leaves 90% of equids relying on 10% of equine vets.