|| BEVA Trust Volunteers take part in an online lecture programme organised by the Worldwide Veterinary Service. | British Equine Veterinary Association
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BEVA Trust Volunteers take part in an online lecture programme organised by the Worldwide Veterinary Service.

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19 Aug 2020 BEVA Member

Camilla Church shares her experience of lecturing to an international audience from the comfort of her own home. Through the BEVA Trust, I recently took part in an online lecture programme organised by World Veterinary Service and running as part of Ohio State’s university’s Global One Health Summer Institute. The World Veterinary Service would usually do these seminars live in Ethiopia, however due to COVID-19, an online seminar was done instead. Over the previous twelve months I had been working as a lecturer online, lecturing vet nursing students - so when this volunteer position came up... I thought why not?!

What I didn’t realise, however, is that I would be lecturing among my previous university lecturers. I found the thought of that particularly daunting - however everyone was so welcoming and encouraging.

My topic was Clinical Examination of the Horse, a topic that I felt qualified to do, among all those “celebrity” vets. Having only worked in mixed and first opinion equine and small animal practices since I qualified in 2015, I made the presentation very much from a first opinion vet’s perspective.

I set about making a skeleton presentation and deciding what videos and photos I would need to bring the presentation to life. My husband was employed as a camera man, and my lovely horse, Harriet (who’d enjoyed a long period of furlough from me and the poking and prodding that is usual for a vet’s horse) was used as a model throughout. She was very patient, and enjoyed the process, all though she was a little camera shy to begin with.

On the day of the seminar, I got ready from the waist up - hair brushed and shirt on, finished off with a lovely gilet courtesy of BEVA Trust - and comfy leggings on the bottom. We did a quick sound and video check - and off I went. There were over 600 delegates that tuned in and lots of questions were submitted through out the talk. We did a Q&A session at the end, and I had a few delegates who emailed me directly for further information.

And just like that - my hour was up and I had completed my first lecture to an international audience. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, if a little surreal at not having to leave the comfort of my own home. I hope that this will open other avenues for me, and I thank BEVA Trust and World Veterinary Service for the opportunity.