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A warm welcome to new BEVA Council Members

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18 Sep 2020 BEVA

BEVA members have elected Kate Blakeman, Safia Barakzai, and Victoria South onto BEVA Council and re-elected Bruce Bladon and Sarah Smith following the BEVA Council Elections which took place throughout August 2020. Congratulations to the five of you.

An introduction to your new council members

Kate Blakeman

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Kate graduated from Liverpool Vet School in 2007 and now works in a small, private, ambulatory practice. Based in Leicestershire, Kate is married to a farm vet and has a young child.

“I feel I would ably represent the majority of practicing members, as being in the job day to day I understand the pressures, challenges, and rewards of first opinion practice.”



Safia Barakzai

Safia graduated from Bristol Vet School in 1998 and followed a path towards specialisation in equine soft tissue surgery, she is currently working as an independent peripatetic referral surgeon.

 “Working closely with different practices every week allows me to observe and discuss the issues and challenges that the profession faces on a day to day basis.”



Victoria South

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Victoria is a medicine specialist at Liphook Equine Hospital and is passionate about improving the quality of research from practice and supporting the use of evidence in practice.

“As a working parent, I balance being an equine vet with family, the MSc, and everything else! I want to help others achieve the right balance for them, by making the profession work for its members.”

More about BEVA Council

BEVA Council consists of 20 elected equine vets. They are all registered veterinary surgeons who volunteer their time for the Association. During their time on council they represent the equine veterinary profession and work on projects that aim to improve the lives of equine veterinary professionals and enhance equine health and welfare.

The Council election process take place throughout the summer months with successful candidates elected by members to serve an initial three-year term. The new charity council members are then approved and confirmed at the annual AGM in September. On completion of an initial three-year term, council members are invited to stand again for re-election to continue on council for a second and final term of three years.  

Find out more about BEVA Council.