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A Framework for Events - the BEVA Event Toolkit

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04 Dec 2020 BEVA

Our Clinical Practice committee have just released a brand-new toolkit that will furnish newly qualified or vets unfamiliar with duty of care at events with a framework and signposting to allow for clear, considered, decision-making. Huw Griffiths who led the project tells us more...

Attending equine events is a necessary and rewarding role undertaken by many equine vets following graduation. At equestrian events there is a breadth and depth of knowledge that ensures success even when faced with adversity. At the higher level there is sufficient resource to respond to all eventualities with speed, compassion, and consideration for the horses and the public. The principles and structure of such responses remain the same whatever level of event.

Attending an equine event as the duty veterinary surgeon for the first time, whether Point to Point or Pony Club, can sometimes be daunting. To help newly qualified vets or vets unfamiliar with duty of care at an event, BEVA have put together an Event Toolkit, offering a framework of guidance and signposting. The toolkit will help take you through the requirements and responsibilities of the duty vet and what to consider  in preparation for the event, during the event, and post event.

The toolkit features a range of downloads that enable you to prepare for an event as well as complete the necessary documents whilst at the event.

The Pre-Attendance Check List 

Make sure you’re ready for the day by checking off everything on our pre-attendance check list.

The Event Kit List

We’ve given an example of a 5* event kit list, but you will need to consider requirements for the type of event you are attending. You can use this as a starting point.

Attendance Document

This download can be used to record veterinary examinations and treatments you carry out on the day.

Euthanasia Document

A form you and the owner/trainer/representative can complete if unfortunately you are required to euthanise a horse during the event.

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