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Passports - Section IX Countersignature Clarification from DEFRA


Tell-Tail Text Alerts from Merial

New Text Alerts from Merial on Equine Influenza

Outbreak of West Nile Virus

News Alert

EVA Confirmed in Ireland

EVA Alert

Update on the final 90 day test results on Equine Infectious Anaemia cases in Wiltshire

An update on the EIA outbreak in Wiltshire

New FEI Rules from April 5th, 2010

Any vets officiating at, or treating horses competing at, FEI events are advised that several significant new rules and regulations come into effect from 5th April, 2010. The FEI’s recently launched “Clean Sport Campaign” is a multi-level effort to improve and standardise equestrian sport by providing access to a comprehensive source of information on, not only the new FEI anti-doping and controlled medication regulations, and a new, individually-named, list-based approach to prohibited substances, but also information with a greater emphasis on how to use common substances with established detection times, explaining testing procedures, and introducing changes in other areas of the FEI veterinary regulations, such as greater supervision of treatments at FEI events. The FEI is aiming to improve the consistency of decision making by FEI veterinary officials by ensuring that by 2012 all veterinarians present at an FEI event must have attended an FEI veterinarian course within the last 5 years. This is part of ...

Defra notification of CEM in a stallion

Defra has confirmed a case of Contagious Equine Metritis in a 5 year old Arabian stallion stabled in Devon.

The affected horse was/is individually stabled, and has access to private fields. It was being routinely tested for CEMO prior to the mating season, and found to be positive. A previous test on 21/01/2010 was negative.

The horse originated from another Member State of the European Union and investigations are ongoing. The horse is under restriction and being treated in line with the HBLB Code of Practice.

Spring Clinical Workshop Cases available to view


BEVA Trust Silent Auction - Lot winners will be informed on Monday 1st March

The BEVA Trust Silent Auction is Underway

The BEVA Trust Silent Auction is Underway