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High autumn prevalence of atypical myopathy across europe

We like to alert practitioners that there has been extremely high prevalence of equine atypical myopathy this autumn. During October an unusually high number of cases has been observed in southern England and throughout northern Europe. This condition affects individual and groups of horses at pasture and has a high mortality rate. Young horses in poor to normal bodily condition are particularly prone to the condition and risk factors include cold, damp, frost-free weather and pastures with poor natural drainage and vegetation of low nutritional value. Affected horses have discoloured brown urine and are stiff and weak progressing to recumbency. In its early stages, the condition can be confused with colic or laminitis. Serum activities of creatine kinase and aspartate transaminase and urine myoglobin concentrations are extremely increased. Intensive supportive care is indicated. For more information on preventative measures, and to report suspected cases, please go to Dominique Voti ...

BEVA members be sure to benefit from reciprocal member rates

BEVA members are entitled to claim reciprocal member rates at a number of our sister association congresses. You will usually need to quote your membership number, which can be found near the address on your monthly mailing, or email us at or call us on +44 (0)1638 723 555


FEEVA/Irish Equine Veterinary Conference 6th-8th  Nov 2009

AAEP Convention, 5th-9th Dec 2009, Las Vegas, Nevada

ACPAT 30th-31st Jan 2010

SIVE 29th-31st Jan 2010

Voorjaarsdagen/European Veterinary Conference 22nd-24th April 2010


Full details and registation information can be found on our calendar of events.


BEVA Congress 2009 biggest and best ever!

BEVA Congress 2009

Horse Passports

Horse Passports - some guidance from BEVA

Race day treatment of horses

Guidelines fon the treatment of horses on racedays updated 21/7/09


HORSE PASSPORTS ( ENGLAND ) REGULATIONS 2009 From the 1st July 2009 veterinary surgeons will have new responsibilities regarding the identification of horses under European legislation.  There are a number of new requirements which will supersede the 2004 Horse Passport Regulations.  These will include the following:- 1.    Foals born after 1st July 2009 must be microchipped when first identified.  This must be done before the 31st December in the year of its birth, or by six months after its birth whichever is later.  Insertion of a microchip is an act of veterinary surgery and can only be carried out by a registered veterinary surgeon. 2.    Older horses born before the 30th June 2009 that have not yet been issued with a passport must also be microchipped when identified for the first time. 3.    Before inserting a microchip, the veterinary surgeon must check for a previously implanted microchip.  It is now an offence if a veterinary surgeon fails to do this. 4.    New offences have been introduced regardin ...

Outbreak of Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA) in Provence, France

BEVA are advised of an outbreak of EIA near Carces in the Var region of Provence, roughly half way between Nice and Marseilles.

24 premises are currently under restriction. Only one case has officially been acknowledged but there are unconfirmed reports of 11 other seropositives and tracing of in contacts is continuing.