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Foal Veterinary Certificate for Mortality Insurance

Foal Insurance from 24 hrs of age is a specialist part of mortality cover and because of the potentially high values involved insurers look closely at the Health Documentation.

Unless foetus cover has been purchased coverage generally starts at 24 hours of age or later. Some policies have cheaper premiums because of a commitment to supply Hemogram results and most policies require IgG levels

The 2nd part of the form is to be completed by the owner or their agent

As with all vet certificates if a vet is uncertain of the answer to a specific question it is quite permissible to answer ’Not Known’ or to indicate otherwise the reply is unavailable.


We have developed a Foal Veterinary Certificate for Mortality Insurance which is available to download for free to BEVA members. If you are a BEVA member log in to the website to download the certificate. 

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