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29 January

Fundamentals of Lameness, Laminitis and Farriery

This course covers the basics for performing a lameness examination, performing the common nerve and joint blocks as well as recognising and understanding the most common diseases.

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03 February

Fundamentals of the Mare and Foal

Be prepared for your first stud season by attending this course. During the course you will develop your skills in assessing, treating and referring the late pregnant mare and foal.

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04 February

Fundamentals of Reproduction: the mare

The aim of the course is to provide new and recent graduates facing a stud season with an introduction to assessing mares prior and during the breeding season for natural covering and AI programs together with identifying and treating the problem mare, pregnancy diagnosis and investigation of abortion.

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04 February

Sarcoids and Other Irritations

This 1/2 day course is a chance to update your knowledge and hear the legendary Derek Knottenbelt talk on those everyday conditions such as sarcoids: hear the latest on spread, how to diagnose and how and when to treat them, as well as an update on and other skin neoplasias (e.g. melanomas) in the horse.

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05 February

Practical AI – the essentials

Become fully conversant with the essential theory and practical techniques of equine artificial ahead of the AI season.

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12 February

Eyes, Hearts and Hormones for the Ambulatory Clinician

This 1/2 day CPD course comprises of two evening sessions separated with a buffet dinner.

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24 February

Imaging for PPE and Insurance - avoid the pitfalls!

This course is aimed at experienced vets who are performing pre-purchase on high value horses where radiographs and other diagnostic images are required.

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25 February

Practical Imaging for PPE, Insurance and Competition Horses

This course will either be suitable as a follow on to Imaging for PPE and Insurance - avoid the pitfalls (24.02.20), or as an introductory course for less experienced vets and nurses who wish to learn how to collect good quality images.

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23 March

Fundamentals of Sedation, Field Anaesthesia & Castrations

A very practical 'hands on' course designed for new or recent graduates or those in mixed practice with varied levels of equine work.

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31 March

BEVA Approved - Supporting Champions: Drugs in Equestrian Sport

This conference will involve a mixture of keynote speakers and discussion panels themed around veterinary support of the competition horse and the racehorse.

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