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Covid-19 Guidance for Vets & Vet Nurses

We're continuing to update this page with the latest information and guidance to support you through the Covid-19 pandemic.

BEVA Furlough Club

The BEVA Furlough Club provides those who have been furloughed, or have some spare time on their hands to take part in some online, low-key, at the pub style CPD. All meetings take place live and have a presentation followed by a case or topic based discussion, with the opportunity for an informal chat at the end.

RCVS Guidance

View the latest from the RCVS on the RCVS website, and download their clinical flowchart below.

Download Flowchart

Eligibility to Travel

Downloads BEVA's letter confirming why you are travelling during the Covid-19 lockdown should you be asked.

Download letter

BEVA CPD & Congress

Find out the latest about how Covid-19 is affecting the BEVA CPD programme and Congress 2020.

Find out

Survey Results

Our survey was conducted to assess the impact on the equine veterinary profession. Results can be viewed here.

Survey Results

Latest News

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of non-emergency work should I consider doing at the current time?

Can I continue to administer booster influenza vaccinations in the absence of an immediate risk to the horse’s health?

Can I continue to undertake routine pre-breeding and stud work?

Should I carry out colt castrations at this time?

What should I do if I need to attend an emergency case where it will be impossible to maintain 2 metres physical distancing with a client?

What about use of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks?

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