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Covid-19 Guidance for Practices

We're continuing to update this page with the latest information and guidance for equine practices to support them through the Covid-19 pandemic.

BEVA Live Discussion Forum

During the Covid-19 outbreak we have run a series of live discussions for vets and equine veterinary professionals. Recordings are available for BEVA members to watch back.


Contact Tracing Guidance

Information on contact tracing in the UK and advice on the implications of contact tracing for equine practices.

See Guidance

PPE Guidance Tools

We've provided practical considerations when doing a pre-purchase examination and a example risk assessment.

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RCVS Guidance

View the latest from the RCVS on the RCVS website, and download their clinical flowchart below.

Download Flowchart

Survey Results

Our survey was conducted to assess the impact on the equine veterinary profession. Results can be viewed here.

Survey Results

Latest News

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I admit horses to our hospital?

Should I issue all staff with PPE for meeting clients or indeed for normal work in the hospital?

My nurse is asthmatic. What should I do?

My receptionist is pregnant. What should I do?

One of my veterinary surgeons has developed a cough, but they are a key worker, taking part of the out of hours rota. Can I keep them at work? – their cough isn’t that bad.

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